With the sun’s first rays that hit my face Wakes up the voices in my head incessant Thereon it tries to save me from the monsters This world hates you is all it chants Be it friends or unknownTheir dual behavior makes me daze Their fake concern and masked desires Makes me feel of a […]
Sun rises, the day starts More and more work gets added to my cart I work like a robot without any sign I have lost a soul somewhere, which is mine. My heart does beat but only to circulate I think it’s now my destiny, it’s only my fate   Friends seem to be a […]
Prologue: The IIT Roorkee “Life, luck, destiny, fortune – all these were the common words I used in my language without ever thinking how much depth they had within. Even now, I don’t know how deep they are, but I have realized that it takes several years to shape our lives. What we presently are: […]
“Woohooo.” “Fucking awesome.” “Wait!! How did he do it?” “Can you rewind the scene? I want to see it again.” And then once again, he ran through the aisle of the building with an inhuman speed (typically compared to that of a bullet train) barged out of the building, turning the window glass into smithereens. […]
If you believe me, just give it a trial My dear friend can you smile for a while I know for that one should be happy from inside One can’t smile while he is stuck in the tide If you believe me, just give it a trial My dear friend can you smile for a […]
The anecdote belongs to three fictional characters Kabir, Amay and Rahul. The incident is narrated by Amay and I am sure many of you might be able to empathize with them and maybe they will be able to bring back the memories of your college times or would give you an image of how college […]
(Continued after Scene 7 from No man’s Vengeance – Part 1) Scene 8 A light entered her eyes and she squinted to adjust to it. She wasn’t sure where she was, how she reached where she was, or even what era she was in. Only after passing of a couple of moments, the images started […]
Scene 1 6pm New Delhi It was a hazy evening in the month of November end and the claws of the cold had grown enough to scratch one’s skin once every while. It was an evening, as glamorous and happening as it always was and the place or the weather had little contribution to it, […]
आँखें मलते,  अंगडाई लेते जब रोज सुबह मैं जागता हूँ टकटकी लगाए,  मेरे तकिये पे बैठे,  इक सपने को मुझे निहारते पाता हूँ  ! वही सपना जिसको मैं सिर्फ हकीक़त में तब्दील करने के लिए नहीं जियूँगा वही सपना जिसने मुझे सपना दिखाया था की आज से में उसी को जियूँगा !!   वही सपना जिसे मैं इस जिंदगी में इक बार तो जी […]