“Fucking awesome.”
“Wait!! How did he do it?”
“Can you rewind the scene? I want to see it again.”

And then once again, he ran through the aisle of the building with an inhuman speed (typically compared to that of a bullet train) barged out of the building, turning the window glass into smithereens. As he almost flew towards the building across the road with a pistol in his hand, he shot two men. And then came the scene that had scintillated our minds. The protagonist took out another barreled gun from his coat and fired it in such a way that the bullet traced a curved trajectory before hitting the man hidden behind a post.

“Wooohooo” I murmured as the actor kicked the hell out of all the physics laws and logic we had learnt to get into IITs.

Our 1st year exams had finished today and we had celebrated by jumping through the streets our way back to the hostel, imitating chimpanzees that have just absconded from the zoo. After reaching the hostel, and stuffing our stomach like a Kumbhakarna, Rahul, Kabir and I had decided to watch a movie. I had rarely seen any Hollywood movies and was little skeptical about those being really good and hence expressed my desire against it but the other two were determined in changing my perception towards it. They had then discussed among themselves and figured out a movie, which they felt would sweep the ground of my feet. 5 minutes had passed into the movie when a man in his thirties fired a shot from a barrel that thrashed not only the goon but also my physics concepts.
I then paused the movie and turned towards Rahul to ask him a question.

”Is this even possible?”

“Why not?” Rahul answered in a blink without consideration. Now it was something that was out of my understanding.

“No, that’s not possible. There is always a force required to keep a body in circular motion.” Kabir replied backing myself with a reason.

“Aree.. Are you idiot? Before firing he moved his hand traced a parabolic path and so when the bullet would come out it would continue to follow that path.”

The oath to not lift pen and paper for a week sublimed when Kabir lifted rough notebooks and pens to explain that parabolic motion was just not possible. Few sketches and arguments had been put forth when I heard a knock at the door.

“Who would come at this point of time?” I asked and Kabir and Rahul shrugged while making a tepid face. Being disturbed while watching a movie felt worse than being interrupted during an intercourse. Of course, we didn’t have the experience of the latter.