With a limp in my walk and a lump in my throat

Among the intense darkness and the wrenching mope

I lay there lame, without a ray of hope

The end point seems far, but the end close by.

When I placed my bet, my stakes were high

But the hope betrayed, now here I sigh.


So I close my eyes and brood and brood

How something vital I could have produced

Why every move went futile;

Why the world is so guile

Who casted on me, the vicious black spell?

I blame the world, so it turns into hell

The blame game doesn’t help, time and again

It only breeds me with more hatred and pain


At last, I seek within – for the power to rise

I find the secret beneath the debris of hatred and malice

As I soak, it soothes my agony, vaporizes my pain

With a lump of faith, I rise again


It’s the power, for which you are the source

It can be destroyed by no external force

I make it my wagon, my cover, and my Armor

It takes all the form I indeed desire,


An undying faith is all you need

To defy all the laws and to succeed.

I have faith that I shall hold and stay

And face whatever comes my way

As my feet stamp over the debris of hatred.

I eye my destination and march ahead.


PS: Is Faith the substance that converts your hope into reality?