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Scene 0 (Present)

It is a weekday. I am working on my desktop, while sitting in a cubicle of 4 by 6 designated to me from an hour or so. I have completed reading half the document when the thought pops up in my head “Today is the day”. I now look at my watch which communicates back 6:30pm to my eyes.

“By this time, the ceremony would be over.” Another thought pops up in my head. And I am sitting here hundreds of miles away distracting myself from being a part of the occasion.

“It doesn’t matter whether you are present physically or not. You are with them always”, my inner-self gives me the same reason that I had given them.

To distract myself, I open up facebook and the first post I see transports me to another world.

Scene 1, December 2011,

It was last week of December. My holidays were over. It was time to get back to my college. Dehradun Express would be waiting for me at the Kota Junction in another 3 hours. And so, I was busy packing my stuff. Mango pickle, Bhujia Namkeen, Gaund ke Laddoo, and some packets of dry fruits were stashed in my trolley without my consent.

“Where am I supposed to keep my books now?” I asked myself. Now, while I was trying to make up some space for my ‘consent’, the doorbell rang.

“Who is it?” I walked up to the door and found Rajveer across it with his characteristic smile that irritated and soothed me at the same time – irritated because it reminded me of the countless times he had taken the liberty to splash water over our plans by absconding from it at the last minute (for unmentionable reasons) and that he would continue doing so in future; and soothing because he seemed to thank me for giving him that liberty forever. I had been asking him to meet me for a week, and he had agreed thrice before canceling them eventually. And like every other time, just when I had left all hope of seeing him, he was there.

“Finally, you found some time!!”

“I wanted to be most fresh in your memories before you leave.” He replied with a grin with his twenty small teeth or so visible at the same time.

“Dude, my mom will kill me if she finds out that my baggage is not yet packed and I am hanging out with you. Let’s go upstairs on the terrace before my mom figures out that I am missing from the house.” And so, we both left for the terrace.

As we talked, I noticed that he had been contemplating everything very deeply, but that’s how he had always been – deep.

“Maybe I am noticing too much”, I thought and then let it go only to get it contradicted minutes later. He had something in his kitty and was waiting for the right moment to pitch it to me. I realized it when his eyes started talking

“Dude”, I said


“What is it?” I added. And his patented smile returned back to his face.



“That what you perceived, has happened.”

His words evolved inside me, slowly at first and then all at once and when I reopened my eyes after a blink, I could now see a different Rajveer, a glow in his persona and an ecstasy on his face.

“My pal had found his girl.”


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