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(Continued after Scene 7 from No man’s Vengeance – Part 1)

Scene 8

A light entered her eyes and she squinted to adjust to it. She wasn’t sure where she was, how she reached where she was, or even what era she was in. Only after passing of a couple of moments, the images started materialising before her eyes. However, her mind still felt dizzy and numb and it ached heavily. She moved her gaze around trying to recognise the space that lay above her.

She was in a desolate house that seemed isolated from the rest of the world. All the sound she could hear from the surroundings was that of croaking of birds and chirping of insects. She sat on a wooden chair that stood on a corner of a 10 by 12 room, diagonally opposite to the gate of the room. The room had empty walls, paint almost jutting out of the walls at most places. There was only one shelf on the opposite side that had three partitions. A mobile phone was kept on the top partition. It also contained a water bottle, some ropes and some cloth in the second and third partition. The only light in the room could be attributed to the courtesy of the moon that entered the room through the ventilator. However insignificant it may seem, it actually exhibited the existence of an entity other than just the stark darkness. She tried to rub her palm against her eyes but couldn’t. Even after several trials, she just couldn’t. Pissed off, she tried kicking the air, but couldn’t. ‘What’s the matter?’ she started feeling choked. Terrified by her surroundings, she called out Rohan’s name. But she couldn’t hear herself.
“Am I dreaming? What is wrong?” And then her senses recovered, and she realised that she was tied to the chair at an unknown place, her mouth was stuffed with enough cloth that she couldn’t even move her lip and any logical person would derive only one conclusion – she was essentially a captive.

“”But how is it possible. I was .. I was with Rohan. He picked me up from my home and then we went to his favourite club, and then…then we were having drinks and I was dancing and then…”
And then she remembered nothing. She thought and thought but she couldn’t recall anything after that drink.
“But even if I was so drunk, Rohan would have taken care of me. How did I end up here? Where is Rohan? Is he even safe?” she searched for answers but there were none. The only thing she was sure of was that she was in deep trouble.

Over an hour passed while she continued the struggle to get out of the chair. She toppled herself along with the chair on the floor, then dragged herself to the gate at the opposite corner, then used her head to knock the door, in hope that someone would hear the sound of the knock and would come to her rescue. But no one did. She crawled from wall to wall and rolled to tap the wall with the chair, but it didn’t help. Eventually, she gave up. The girl that had played with sand only in the hour glass now lay on the ground cloaked in sand and dust. She had got bruises on her head above the left eye, on her right cheek, knees, and uncountable other places, and it bled from her elbows. All her desired had been fulfilled at the slightest gesture throughout her life and today she was being denied her basic instinct, freedom. Her instinct was converting her desperation into rage every passing moment.

She kept trying to get herself free but all her attempts proved futile. Eventually, her will to get free succumbed to the futile attempts and her consciousness would have succumbed to the physical pain she felt had she not heard those footsteps approaching the door.

The sound of the grating of gravel under the foot increased with every step, and it in turn exponentially increased the fear that Sameera felt. Her first instinct was to crawl towards the remotest corner of the room as if it would help her escape her fate. But it wouldn’t. She was aware of it. And so, she just decided to act fainted. She tried to normalise her breathing in the few seconds she got before the only entity that separated her from the man outside ie the door was pushed open. She kept silent and closed her eyes.

There was a silence of few seconds. Does the guy outside doesn’t have the keys to the lock? Could he be the saviour? Or did the kidnapper lose the keys? It could be either. She would know in a second. And then finally came a thud, a sound of unlatching the door, and the door opened. She had kept her eyes closed, pretending to be unconscious, even though she desperately wanted to check who it was.

“Sameera..I am here to save you.” the guy called out.

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