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Scene 9

Rohan drove the Fortuner that didn’t belong to him, for hopefully one final time. Roughly two hours back he had reached his farmhouse and had learnt that Sameera had left in a car that mimicked his own, thus confirming that she was the one setting trap for him. It was then a thought had hit him.

“If she is planning to trap me for her kidnapping, it might as well be possible that they have already stolen my car and I am the one driving the duplicate.” It was then it occurred to him that he had felt his tuning with the car quite disturbed since the time he had left the disco lounge. He would have noticed the difference within five minutes had he not been driving in the state of panic.
“I had to pull up the seat as well. How come it didn’t occur to me then?”

Once the thought struck him, he had checked the pockets at the back of the driver seat and the underside of the backseat. He used to keep a lighter in the pocket of the driver seat and a revolver on the underside of the backseat. The absence of both had almost confirmed his doubt. But he couldn’t believe it – would someone be so gutsy to plan all this. He had then checked the left side of the car where the windshield met the dashboard of the car for the VIN number (Vehicle Identification Number). Once he had noted down the 17 character code, he had called up Aagesh.
“Aagesh, I am giving you the VIN number of a car. Get me the details who owns the car.”

“Ok Dada. I will. But where did you find this car? Was it found near the farmhouse?”
“No idiot. I have been driving this car. They have replaced my car with another Fortuner, I think at the lounge I went today. I never thought that give the car keys to valet could be exploited this way. But, right now you need to figure out who owns this vehicle. And try to get hold of Alisha.”

“Oh. But why?”

“I feel she knows much more than what she told us,” Rohan told Aagesh with conviction. He was sure his intuition can’t be wrong.

“Ok. Dada. Let me extract the truth from the layers this time. I won’t disappoint you.” Aagesh had said and then went on to obey the order.
Rohan would have planned on the next move if he hadn’t got a call from Sameera’s father.
“Rohan Beta, Sameera’s kidnapper called again. And somehow the kidnapper knows that tonight we had a large cash amount at home. He has asked to arrange for the money within two hours. We have 90 lacs with us, but we are short of ten.”

“Don’t worry uncle, I will arrange for the rest of the money. And I will go to bring her back. I will come and collect the money from your home in an hour. You keep the money ready.” Rohan had replied.

He then navigated to her father’s home to collect the money from them. He collected the bag, came out of her home and then stashed the bag on the backseat of the car. He then sat back in the car, thinking what to do next. He had taken the money from her parents thinking if she is just faking her kidnapping, she would eventually be back. And if she had planned to blame her kidnapping on him, he deserved the amount. All he had to do was wait for the kidnappers to send the location where the exchange should take place. He came back and sat in his car with a devious smile.

“I would kill her and the world would think that the kidnapper took the money and then killed her. I would erase all the proofs she had planted to trap me and keep the money. Since she had kidnapped herself, they would never find any clue that I took the money.” he thought of a plan and then started thinking about its execution.

“I should not rather wait for the kidnappers to send the location. I should somehow figure out where Sameera is. And if I can attack her in her den, it would be easier to clear out all the proofs.”

He called up a couple of his contacts in police to look for the Fortuner car with his number. As he dialed the phone number of another contact person, he stared at the navigation panel of the car.

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