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Scene 12

He then stood up, and picked up the phone kept on the shelf, switched it on and dialled her father’s number. Her father picked up the phone and Samar handed over the phone to Sameera.
“Hello, Papa.” Those words from Sameera released the clutch that hadn’t let her father breathe properly tonight.
“Samy… B..Beta.. How are you? Where are you? Are you with Rohan?” Sameera’s father recognized her voice instantly and the happiness and the relief filled their eyes with tears and the words stuttered while coming out from his throat
“No Abba. Rohan is not here.”

A little surprised, her Abba asked her the details. But Sameera herself had a lot of questions for him. After talking with her father, Sameera got to know the rest of the story. She had left home with Rohan in the evening. In the night around 12, her father had received the call from a number who had then informed her father about her kidnapping and asked them to arrange for a crore. The kidnappers had the knowledge that Sameera’s father had cash of a crore lying in his house and so kidnappers demanded the money to be given by 5 in the morning so that they could avoid involvement of the police as well. When her father had asked Rohan about her, he had told that she just got vanished at the lounge.”

“I never went too far from Rohan. How could I just disappear for him?” thought Sameera.

Rohan had now collected the money from her house and is waiting for the location where he need to come with the amount. Her father also confirmed that she had just now called from the same number from which they had received the call and an image that proved of her being kept captive. Her father then forwarded the MMS which kidnappers had sent to claim her kidnapping.

The image showed Sameera tied to a chair in a room that seemed posh simply by the wall paint and couple of paintings that hung on the wall.
“Ohh Wait. I have seen the paintings,” claimed Sameera.
“What? Where? Were they in Rohan’s farmhouse?” asked Samar.
“Ohh Yea.. you are right..Shit… Damn..”It was then Sameera got the belief that her boyfriend was her kidnapper. She was startled, her breath fatigued in trauma. “How could he? Fucking Bastard.” She growled in anger after fathoming the shallowness of the character she had fallen for. It truly amazes how people we think we know, behave differently than what we think they would when they are put in strenuous situations.

“How could he be so ruthless?” she hailed, “I never thought he would be such a bastard.”

“Yeah. But first let’s get out of here, Sameera. Rohan might reach here any minute.” said Samar and then quickly freed her from the shackles of rope.

“Let’s be quick but silent. Also, I have two guns with me. Keep one with you.” He handed over the gun to her once she was set free. She had never thought that the skill to use a pistol would come handy to save her in this way.

“Use this only if there is a gun pointed at you. And also, wear this bulletproof vest.” He gave her a bulletproof vest that he had brought along in the bag. and walked her outside the room.
She took the gun confidently and walked stealthily with him. It was then she saw where she was. It looked like an endless hall under construction that had nothing but pillars. A layer of cement, dust, gravel and sand draped the floor. There were even steel wires jutting out of the ceiling and the pillars at few places.

“Where are we?” she asked
“It is the basement of the mall that is under construction in Noida. There might be his man around here. I had to park my car little far because I didn’t want anyone to get cautioned about the car entering this place.” He said.

As they walked, they found Rohan’s car standing by at a little distance. Sameera looked at it in disbelief. In the evening, this would have been the car she had felt safest in. And now, her world had taken a 180-degree turn. She got even more determined to punish him for being the biggest blunder of her life. After throwing a scornful look at the car, she moved ahead with Samar.

At around 4 in the night, they walked past an empty parking arena, trying to be at par with the silence that prevailed throughout. The street lights had carpeted the portions of the parking floor with orangish lights. Sameera had never thought that the day would turn out so disastrous for her. The silence outside let her hear the voices of her head. And all those voices yearned for only one thing – revenge.’

They would have walked only a few metres when they heard the sound of a car at a distance. They turned around to see who it was. They saw a car entering the parking arena. But they couldn’t notice that it was a Fortuner under the scintillating light thrown into their eyes by the headlamp.

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