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Scene 13

Rohan inspected the room that had Samar and Sameera in it in a different dimension of time. An empty chair, some ropes, and a phone was all that was lying over there. He checked the phone logs. It seemed similar to his. However, he had his phone in his pocket. He then checked the call log of the phone. There was a call made just twenty minutes back.

“Damn it. Someone was here a few minutes back. His gaze then moved to the soldering machine. He touched its tip. It still wasn’t as cold as one would expect it to be past midnight. And then he was sure, that there must have been Sameera in this room a few minutes back.

“They must be around. I need to catch and finish them” he thought and then walked out of the room. He took out a torch from his car and looked all around.

“Where are you Sameera?” he shouted, filled with indignation.

Few metres away, Samar and Sameera hid behind one of the endless pillars that stood on the same floor as on which stood Rohan. Samar gestured Sameera to remain as still as possible. That was their only chance to avert the collision.

However, destiny demanded something else.
“Where the fuck are you Sameera? Your game is over. You have fucked with me enough.” he yelled callously.

And then he noticed on the floor, what paved the way to destruction. There were two pair of footprints on the floor running in the eastward direction. Rohan took out his pistol and started following the footprints.
Samar, with increasing sound of chirping with every step, realised that it was only a matter of few steps before Rohan would be in front of them. He eyed Sameera, they both nodded and a second later, Samar revealed himself. They both now stood in front of one another with their pistols pointed at one another.

“Samar…..” Rohan couldn’t speak anything else other than his name while he recalled the old enmity he shared with him.
“Yeah. Me. And all your plan would be wasted. I wouldn’t let you hurt Sameera this time.”
“Unfortunately, she would share the same fate as your sister. I know she is with you and I am gonna fuck her, rape her and then kill her.” He said
“She has her eyes on you and if you as much as move an inch, she would shoot you. Drop your gun, Rohan.”

Rohan started laughing at Samar’s command. “You know what Samar. You can’t shoot me because then you will be caught by the police. But I can.” he said and the next second, there were two guns pointed at Rohan.
“Fuck you bitch. How dare you plan this against me?” Her face ignited the thread of rage and the next second the rage in the form of the pistol now pointed at Sameera.
“Because you are one big bastard. You are so going to be killed. You planned to kill me and then take my money. You deserve to die now.” And as she said those words,
his fingers moved to pull the trigger. And then shots were fired…1…..2……3…..4

Sameera had taken a bullet in her stomach but was still alive because of the bulletproof jacket. However, Rohan’s body lay on the ground amongst a pool of blood. His life hours ran short of him.

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