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Scene 1


New Delhi

It was a hazy evening in the month of November end and the claws of the cold had grown enough to scratch one’s skin once every while. It was an evening, as glamorous and happening as it always was and the place or the weather had little contribution to it, rather it  derived its identity from its visitors or devotees. And today one of the devotee was Rohan, who along with his friend Sameera, was walking along the footpath of the Connaught Place. Just friends? One would guess not given the way Rohan’s manly hand went around Sameera’s back and rested on the alter side of her waist. The other hand which rested in his pocket seemed puzzled as to celebrate his luck for getting safeguarded against the cold and dwell safely in the pocket or feel jealous of the luck of his counterpart. Rohan and Sameera, unaware of all this, were lost in their own happy world, living the moment. But such a happy world is a myth. Where exists light, near to it exists dark as well – both trying to extend their boundaries. And dark existed around them as well, maybe because it existed in them as well. Two dark eyes followed them as they ambulated unwary of their surroundings.

As they walked past the crowd, Rohan ensured nobody bothered Sameera. The arm that rested inside the pocket now safeguarded her way and pushed aside anyone who seemed to enter her personal space bubble. He took several blows to make sure she walked like a queen.

“I don’t know why all these bafoons are allowed to even enter this place.” he said as they walked past the messy crowd.

“Ohh. So, why don’t you amend the rules to be that way?” Sameera demanded with a perky smile.

“Ohh. I wish I could. For you, Sameera, someday I will.” Rohan responded with a glint in his eyes. That’s what he had learnt in his life – that everything was achievable because everything can be bought. His father was a hotshot businessman in Delhi and he had learned that money could buy everything.

“Or you could even purchase this place. And you can name it over me.” Sameera clicked her tongue with a frivolous smile.

“For what? Just because you keep purchasing things from here?” he played along

“No. But, because we came here for the first date.” She replied with a tinge of emotions, whose warmth melted the passion that lay in his heart and circulated it across his body. Rohan, whose eyes now exhibited his passion for her,  looked straight into her eyes, and after conveying the emotions, he planted a peck on her cheek.

It was a moment that deserved to be captured and hence Rohan slid his hand in his pocket to take out the phone. And then the realization dawned upon him. Somebody in the crowd had targeted not Sameera but her warrior. All the passion sublimed and affection-laden eyes turned dry when he didn’t find his phone in his pocket. Human emotions are truly ephemeral.

4 days later

Sometimes I don’t even understand if I was lucky or unlucky. This phone got stolen right 2 days before the sale. And guess what, I am upgrading myself to iPhone 7 and that too at 20% discount. The stolen phone seems to be a blessing in disguise.

Rohan thought as he opened the box that contained his new iPhone 7. Little did he bother to check the details of the order….

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