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Scene 2

Another 5 days later.

She was drunk and probably asleep in his car. He hoped that she wouldn’t remember any of it or else he would have to build up a sensible story around it. However, this wasn’t time to think about what explanation would deem appropriate. This was time to plan out how to bust the enemy. An enemy’s instinct, who is riding on rage, cannot be trusted. And so he knew, both of them were in danger.

“All this needs to get over by the morning. But I first need to isolate Sameera from all this.” He though while the Fortuner cruised towards the outskirts of the city.

An hour back, he had received the message from Aagesh
“Dada, der’s danger to u tonight. Someone plans to take on revenge with u by hurting Sameera first and then u. Take hr to safe plc immdiatly, mayb ur frmhouse. Bt dnt tell her. She shudnt get to knw abt this.
M stuck. Wl cal u bck once i m out.”

Rohan was at the club losing himself to alcohol slowly when he had received the message. It had spoiled his mood but he had to follow because he knew Aagesh’s message meant something serious, else he would have taken care of it himself, without pouring Rohan even a hint about it. Aagesh was Rohan’s friend, confidant, savior and rightfully his right hand. So, he had then thought how to convince Sameera to come to his farmhouse without specifying the exact intention. And he had found a simple answer. He gave her a drink and stealthily added a sleeping pill in it. For the first time, he had thanked god for having been dependent on the pills for his own sleep. And once she passed out, he had lifted her and gotten her into his car and was now on his way to his farmhouse.

Aagesh had suggested the place to hide Sameera and he couldn’t agree with him any less. Nobody would be there. He would keep her there for the night. And he would uproot this stranger attack in that time. He would then simply tell her that he took her to his farmhouse because she got too drunk and passed out and was not in a situation to be taken back to her home.

Driving through the empty roads, he read back the message Aagesh had sent. And then started thinking about it. Who would want to take revenge on him, where would Aagesh be stuck? Why should Sameera not know about this enemy? He noticed the urgency in Aagesh’s text, even the half and misspelled words. He just prayed that Aagesh would be safe and drove in hurry towards the farmhouse.

It is then he noticed the uneasiness he felt in driving. His seat was pulled so close to the steering that his legs hardly got fit into the space- “Was I too horrified to pull up the seat so much?” he thought and then pushed his seat little back and then continued driving again.

Once he settled her into a room in the farmhouse, he started back to the address Aagesh had messaged him few minutes back. It was on the opposite end of Delhi, as far as it can get from the farmhouse. He was little skeptical of why Aagesh would have summoned him so far from the farmhouse. And so he called Aagesh couple of times, but got the ‘switched off’ response both times.

“Why would he switch off the phone? Is he in big trouble?” He thought. And called up his security guards to reach the address that Aagesh had texted.

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