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Scene 3

Unaware of all this, Aagesh tossed and turned on the bed along with Alisha in her apartment. Both had met through Tinder last week and it was their third date today. They both had found each other quite attractive and he knew this evening that if he played right, it would be another addition to his score.

Innumerable passionate wet kisses were exchanged while their bodies moved rhythmically against each other as if they wanted to get convoluted to one. The heat generated through the moment was enough to melt all the layers of discernment that one possessed.

But before the game could be taken to the next level, there was time for another preparation.

“Relax..” said Alisha, gasping for air. Aagesh sucked in some air too while looking deep into her eyes to know what she intended.

“Let me change the clothes. It will take me a moment.” she said.
Was this a signal, he thought and smirked in his mind. “Sure” he said while moving over to the left side of the bed. He gave her another peck before releasing her from his arms.

As she moved in the changing room, he checked his pockets for the absolute. But he didn’t find one. How is it possible? He had carefully kept it in his pocket earlier in the day before he started from home.
“Would she have already taken it out while they were making out?” he smirked at his own thought. “Or did it fell somewhere else?”

He desperately prayed that she had retrieved it from his pocket. It is strange how situations make us demand to be robbed as well, sometimes.
“Or if she hasn’t then I hope she had foreseen the moment and prepared for it.” he thought. And so, he started looking through the room if he could find the desired ‘protection’. His eyes scanned through the bedside table, dressing table, drawers, but found nothing… Or wait.. did he…..

He opened up the drawer again. It had a picture of …..
“What the fuck!!” All the senses that had melted in the heat of the moment started freezing in again.
“How does she know Sameera?” he was little taken aback on seeing the picture of Sameera in her bedroom’s drawer. And if she does, why didn’t she ever mention it?

“Does she even know that Sameera is the girlfriend of Dada?” he thought and then a thought struck his mind that really unsettled him.
“Could it be…..”, he thought and then moved towards the changing room.
“Alisha, don’t come outside for five minutes. I have some surprise for you as well.” he said and then rushed towards the dining and study room to probe the room to find anything else.

He was probably thinking too much but that was his job. He couldn’t risk Dada’s life by even one percent for his one-night stand. People possessing power often live in the fear of being conned by the world, probably because that’s what they had been doing to the world.
The flat was a small 1bhk with a space in dining room exclusively separated out for study. The study was immaculately arranged without any papers stashed recklessly over it. He then opened the study drawer which was recklessly goofed up with documents of all sorts. As he started going through them, he thought about Alisha’s concealed identity ever since their first encounter happened.

He had received a notification of a right swipe from Alisha last week on Tinder. He had browsed through her profile before accepting her invitation which deemed suitable to him. Two previous dates had been normal except for the fact that it hadn’t revealed much about her background. She had left her parents because of a family feud and had recently shifted to Delhi. And so here, she had no friends. She was an interior designer by profession and was currently working as a freelancer. And when he had tried to dig deeper, all she had for response was that she expected a break from her regular stuff while being at a date. Long story short, he didn’t know much about her. And today, she had put the rules for the date.

And today, she had put the rules for the date, “We would switch off our cell phones and give it to the waiter while we are in the lounge. I don’t want any kind of disturbance.” she had said. And when he had tried to prod further, all he had received for response was that she was disturbed because of a fight with a client and was not in the best of her moods. And Aagesh had gauged it as a chance to score. “How intelligent!” he had thought then.

“How foolish!!” a pic of Rohan, lying among the documents that he was scanning through in table drawer, mocked at her now.
“Fuck… it was a ploy. She is not here just for a date.”

“Does that mean it wasn’t me who was playing right? It was her. I was getting played. Damn.” He then realized that getting him to switch his phone off could as well be her move to disconnect him from Rohan. “My phone is off from two hours? I wouldn’t have known even if he would have called. Is he even Ok?”

“Clutch”. Yes, after they had completed the dinner at the restaurant, she had taken both the phones and placed it in her clutch. Aagesh, being high on hormones catalysed by her beauty hadn’t bothered then. He cursed himself for being so foolish and then looked around for the clutch. He was wondering if she was smart enough to have hidden the clutch as well. But, apparently, she wasn’t. He finally found the clutch lying on the sofa placed in the drawing hall.

He opened it instantly, took out his phone from it and switched it on. There wasn’t any call on it. He relaxed only for a moment but the next moment, he called up Rohan in urgency.

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