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Scene 4

An hour back he had received a message from Aagesh to meet him at the rear end of the city. Aagesh had also asked him to refrain from calling.
“Why would he do so? Is his phone being tapped?” he said to himself as his turbo cruised through the deserted empty roads, under whose silence the evil dwelled.

Every passing minute increased the fog of anxiousness in him. He hadn’t been able to connect with Aagesh ever since he had told her to take Sameera to a secluded place. And hence, he had no option but to drive towards the address that Aagesh had messaged him. He wanted to be sure of both of their safety and wanted this whole suspense episode to end tonight.

He took out the pistol, which he kept for such scenarios, from the dashboard drawer of his car.
“I am going to fire all the bullets on the balls of whosoever is fucking with me,” he said to himself while holding the steering with one hand and pistol with the other. The pistol made him feel that he possessed more power than his enemy and that soon he would take control over the situation. How ironic it is, that even though we all know that the only power a pistol gives you is the fear and only over those who are in front of you, we think we can control everyone with it. What we don’t think is that what use it would be for people who are behind you and beyond fear.

Rohan was thinking about whom he had fallen in conflict within past few months when his phone rang. The number displayed Aagesh’s phone number. He picked up the call immediately.
“Dada… Are you ok?” asked the voice from the other end. It was Aagesh
“Aagesh.. where are you? Are you ok?”
“Yeah Dada.. I am ok. but what about you”
“I am safe, and I have dropped Sameera at a safe place. But what’s the matter? Why is Sameera or I in danger? Will you please explain? What the fuck is going on?”
“What? You are in danger!! Why? What happened?” asked Aagesh unaware of the proceedings of the night
“What are you talking? You messaged me to shift Sameera to a safe place.”

As they talked more and more, things started unraveling. They could now make some sense about how they were being fooled. Alisha had definitely befriended Aagesh to make a ploy against Sameera and Rohan. She had put the rules to keep the phones aside. It was an arrangement to send a message to Rohan from his phone. Someone must have taken out the sim from his phone and inserted it in another phone, and then messaged Rohan. And all the time Aagesh was thinking just to get to her bedroom to fuck her. But now, he stood in her apartment feeling fucked more than ever.

But they were yet to discern what ill she intended for them and why. Rohan had taken a u-turn and started back to the farmhouse because he had realised that Sameera was left alone at a place where Alisha wanted her. It was the easiest place to attack – away from the city, not much security, police would take some time to reach the place. He immediately called the guards at the farmhouse to be very careful and wary of possible attacks. He also ordered to make sure no one other than him enters the house. He then called his bodyguards and ordered them to reach the farmhouse. That would take another thirty minutes.

“Definitely someone is going to die a bad death today,” Rohan said to himself. For now, all he could do was drive back to the farmhouse as fast as he could. The only lead they had was Alisha. And Rohan was sure Aagesh would get the truth out of her.

Back there at Alisha’s house, she had changed into a sexy black lingerie, now stood dumbstruck at the gate of the bedroom hearing Aagesh talking to someone over the call. The color of her face vaporized as Aagesh turned back to look at her, his eyes filled with rage. She knew only a miracle could get her to see the light of the sun again; only a miracle or a phone call that she had just made.

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