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Scene 5

“Either you tell me or I will have to use my ways”, Aagesh said with a gun pointed at her head. Once Aagesh had come to terms with the reality that Alisha was just a trap to keep him away from Rohan and Sameera, he hadn’t taken more than a minute to turn the tables on to his side. A goose chase in an empty house followed by a couple of blows was all that needed and Alisha now sat surrendered in front of him. The house that was supposed to witness a moment of love and passion tonight now gaped at the climax of a deceptive plan, peeling off layers that would yield the truth. Aagesh sat with a cigarette dangling from his lips, probably trying to play its part in filling the air with an aura of intimidation. Probably the pistol tried to play that part too. But it was the red eyes, contorted creases along the temple of his face and his stern voice that induced relentless fear in the heart of Alisha. For Alisha, nothing had went by the plan, did it?

“And you have three minutes to start talking. Because whatever fuck you have done, I am sure I don’t have too much time to amend that. And so, if you don’t speak in three minutes, you would be good as dead to me and to the world.”

A minute passed by while she pleaded guilty and asked him to exempt her mistake.
“Please leave me. I didn’t do anything. I just did it for money. I don’t know who it was. I….”

But she didn’t hear anything back from him. The fear started showing up in her tremulous voice and she became silent and waited for the cruelty that she was about to witness. Her gasped breaths now spoke the fear she felt.

“Do you know how a death by thousand cuts feels? Rather a death by thousand burns.” Aagesh asked while taking out a lighter from the left pocket of his jeans. He then lighted it and kept his finger over the flame for ten seconds while peeping right into her eyes, trying to inflict pain on her soul that he felt for those seconds. For a moment her soul yearned for him to pull the trigger of his pistol and end it for once and for all.

Alisha opened up her mouth again to speak but couldn’t as the nozzle of the pistol now rested over her lips that were red, partly because of the gloss and partly because of blood.
“If I hear another word that is crap, I will kill you. If you have no clue about why you were fucking with me, trust me I wouldn’t think twice about taking away your life. But, if you can help me in telling who is behind all this, god might show some mercy on you.”. The atrocity in his voice wrenched her heart, her courage lost against the fear and she finally spilled the beans.

“It was Sameera who had given me the money.” She finally revealed out of fear and pain.
“Whatt…. ” cried Aagesh, who couldn’t speak any further as he was left dumbstruck.
‘Why on earth would she cheat Dada? What did he do?’, the thought consumed him while Alisha opened up the rest of the cards for him.

“Yes.. She plans to imitate her kidnapping and blame it on Rohan. She hired me for the job to keep you away from Rohan and also use your phone to isolate Sameera at his farmhouse.” revealed Alisha and knowing that Aagesh wasn’t believing any word of hers, she revealed everything she knew in her defense.

“Once, she is there alone, she would somehow escape and her counterpart would inform her parents of kidnapping. Since, she was last seen with Rohan. He would be under radar. There is more to it, but I am not fully aware.”

“How do you know all this?” growled Aagesh.

“One day, I went to her home to ask some portion of the amount she was supposed to pay me for this task. At that time I bugged her sofa by planting a transmitter on it. Th, transmitter remained active for one day and during that day, there was one call conversation that I could capture lightly. Most of these details I got from that conversation. I don’t know how she is going to execute it but I know she has a brilliant plan and that she had been planning it for months and it would be difficult for Rohan to prove his innocence. Even Rohan’s phone that got stolen a few weeks back was a part of her plan.. And I think someone named Samar is also involved in this.”

The name ’Samar’ started introducing waves of convulsion through his head. He had heard that name before.
“’Samar’!! Who is he? What did Rohan do with him that he wants to avenge Rohan so badly? Why would he make such a master plan?”

He also cursed himself for not anticipating Sameera’s plan. “How could I not know about Sameera even though she has been so close to Rohan from past one month”, Aagesh yearned to find answers to all these questions in his mind. Generally, Aagesh did a profound background check of everyone whom Rohan was involved with and Sameera was no different. Rohan had met Sameera a month back at a friend’s birthday party. And nothing seemed skeptic about her; she was just attractive. Rohan was attracted to her from the day he saw her and tried hard to get close to her. She couldn’t resist charming personality of Rohan and eventually, they both fell for each other. That’s it. But yeah, it took them only a month to fall for each other.

Aagesh searched through his memory map for Samar and it finally struck.
“Holy Fuck.” cried Aagesh. “That guy is not going to let us live. We should have killed him earlier. But we didn’t. And now he has dared to hit back at us.” A surge of anger and disgust hit his nerves, and at that moment Aagesh took an oath in his heart to liberate a soul from this earth, or maybe two, and he pulled the slide of the gun to load it.

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