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Scene 6

Aagesh pushed the gear of his car to fifth and rushed towards the farmhouse.

Back at Alisha’s house, after getting to know that Alisha had set up a ploy to trap Rohan, he had decided that he would kill her after getting out every ounce of information from her. After all she had messed up with Rohan and deserved to pay the price of her death. But the moment she had spilled out everything and he had pulled the slide of the gun, he had heard the sound of police siren. Alisha had then smirked at the fate of Aagesh. The phone call Alisha had made once she had heard Aagesh talking to Rohan had paid off.

“You want to kill me. I dare you to kill me. But before you kill me, let me tell you that I had already put a checkin on facebook of the evening that I have spent with you. And I had only dialled the police’s number when you were talking to Rohan. I knew then that you wouldn’t leave me alive unless there is a compel on you to do so. So, you can go ahead and kill me and waste your time. But you would be losing the time to fight back Sameera. Anyways, Sameera plans to put you guys behind bars for her kidnapping, and you might be able to avoid that because of the political contacts you have but my murder would seal the deal for Sameera.”

A surge of anger and disgust hit his nerves and he, in turn, had hit Alisha hard on her face with his right hand that held the pistol. The blow on her head rendered her unconscious.
“Even if police comes now, she won’t be able to direct them to me. Dada needs me right now. I need to help him right now.” he had thought and then thrown a final glance at Alisha
“Don’t you worry sweetheart. You are so going to be killed in next few days.” He had reiterated to himself and then left before the police could arrive.

“How are Sameera and Samar connected? Why didn’t we realize this earlier? So Dada meeting Sameera wasn’t just a coincidence. Did Sameera plan it? But, she is safe and unconscious at Dada’s farmhouse. How would she frame Dada for kidnapping?” There were plenty of questions hanging in his mind. He wasn’t sure what step should he take next – other than ofcourse, calling Rohan and updating him with the situation. He picked up his cell phone to call Rohan. And coincidentally, his cell phone flashed Rohan’s name while humming the regular iPhone ringtone.

“Hello Dada. I was about to call you.” said Aagesh as soon as he picked up Rohan’s call.
“Sameera is kidnapped.” Rohan blurted from the other end without waiting for Aagesh to complete.
“What?” Aagesh was left stupefied once again. This was one night unfolding in the most unexpected ways. Both of them didn’t know what it held in its climax.

“Yeah. I don’t understand. I just got a call from Sameera’s parents who asked if Sameera was with me. I just said that she was with me in the lounge. And then I went to get a drink for her, and when I came back, she wasn’t there. And that her cell phone is coming switched off since then. It was then they started crying that they have got a call from an unknown number saying that Sameera has been kidnapped.”

He was sure now. Alisha was speaking the truth. Sameera was left alone at the farmhouse, or rather she arranged herself to be left alone at the farmhouse. And she had arranged a call for her kidnapping. Given the fact, that she went out with Rohan and was next seen at Rohan’s farmhouse would definitely point towards Rohan being involved in it. Yes, she was indeed doing it, and doing it perfectly. But surely there was more to it. The feeling of being fooled, mocked hard at Aagesh.

“Did you check if she is still at the farmhouse?” asked Aagesh.
“No. I will reach there in 10 minutes. I don’t think anyone saw her when I dropped her there. Even if they did, I don’t want all of the gate and housekeepers to know. I will reach there in another five minutes. I will check for myself that what is the matter. I checked with the bodyguards. They have just reached there. I have asked them to wait for me outside.”

Aagesh heard all of it carefully, and then said
“Yes. Did you find anything? What did she tell?” he asked
“Dada. Please hold your nerves. What I am about to tell you might hurt you a lot.” Aagesh said while breathing heavy to gather the courage to reveal to Dada, what might rip away his heart.

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