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Scene 7

Rohan blew the horn hard and fast as he reached the entrance gate of the farmhouse. One of the security guards pulled the giant black gate inwards, to let the car in. Unlike other days, it had been a rather busy night for them. Rarely, they had to open the gates to a Fortuner rather so many times within couple of hours.

Rohan rolled the car inside and stopped it beside the guard who had pulled in the gate for him. Rohan rolled down the window of his car, judged the guard if he was capable enough to be trusted for his crucial job and then reluctantly asked

“Did anyone come by in past two hours?”
“No one except you, Shaabji.” he replied.
“Yeah, between the time I left and now”
“Who will come in fifteen minutes Shaabji”, he said.
“Fifteen minutes. What do you mean?” Rohan asked, befuddled.

“Sir ji, you came twenty minutes back, stayed for five minutes and then left.”
“What!! Are you mad?” Rohan shouted at the guard this time. He then opened the car door and stepped out of the car to get in terms with what had exactly happened.
“When did I come? I came here more than an hour back.” Rohan then cleared his part of the story
“No sir, you came again a few minutes back, in the same car. You went inside and after some time you left.” he replied overtly

Rohan got so infuriated, he slapped the guard, held his collar and then asked him, “Did you see the face of the guy who came in the car?”
“No Shaabji. The car was on high beam. It was impossible for us to identify your face. And you only told last time, that we should check the car number instead of bothering you with a stupid inspection every single time.” the guard replied, this time covertly while stepping back a little from Rohan.

Sameera was exploiting the idiosyncrasies of human beings. Rohan could only grunt his teeth in disgust.
“Fuck you!” he abused the guard and rushed inside to affirm what he feared the most. He also called up the bouncers to search through the entire house but didn’t find anyone. She was gone. But did someone kidnapped her and was she in trouble or was she really behind all of this. He still couldn’t believe what Aagesh had told him. It all seemed to fall in place that Sameera was laying out a trap for him but a little bit, maybe ten percent, but definitely a bit of a soft corner was still there in his heart for her. It needed a final jolt to fire up that soft corner and burn that love into the blaze of rage.

Rohan finally came out of the house and limped on the last hope towards the guard.
“By any chance, did you see someone carrying a subconscious woman and putting her into the car?”
“Unconscious!!” the guard asked little taken aback.
“Tell me, did you see or not?” Rohan asked again.
“No sir. But a woman occupied the passenger seat beside you. I couldn’t see the face, though. But definitely, a woman, probably in some black dress.” replied the guard still unsure of what went wrong.
“And how could you see her when you couldn’t see me when I came?” Rohan questioned.
“Sir, the window of her side was open when they left. Though she rolled it up as the vehicle passed the gate and left.”

And that statement burnt the last hopes, that soft corner, all the feelings he had for her. And he felt pain in his heart. But as every moment passed, that pain got converted into anger, malice and indignation.

“How could she get back to consciousness when he had sedated her enough to keep her unconscious for twelve hours?” he though. Maybe, she faked drinking it and getting unconscious. Or maybe the guy who came to pick her up would have drugged her with antidote (Flumazenil) drug to get her back to consciousness. He was sure now that she had planned this ploy for her. Or rather Samar had. And they would have to pay it back. This would end tonight.

Standing by the car he thought about the proceedings of the night and then about what should be done next, planning his next move.

“How easy it is to fake the number plate of the car. Who checks anyways that there are two cars running on the roads having the same number plate?”

But wait a minute, hold on. Could it be what just struck him?
All of a sudden, he recalled how he had to readjust the seat in the evening. He immediately unlocked the car, opened the rear gate of the SUV, hopped in and opened the zip of the pocket placed at the back of the driver seat. He then switched on the dome light of the car, and then carefully checked the seat pocket, but didn’t find anything.
He then crawled his hand beneath the backseat of the car, fearing the worst. His empty hands couldn’t find what they yearned to grasp. And his nightmare came true. He wasn’t in his car all this time, after all.


(To Be Continued….)

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