With the sun’s first rays that hit my face
Wakes up the voices in my head incessant
Thereon it tries to save me from the monsters
This world hates you is all it chants

Be it friends or unknown
Their dual behavior makes me daze
Their fake concern and masked desires
Makes me feel of a spit on my face

This world no longer remains a place to let live
None is left not soaked in selfishness and greed
All their hearts have turned black since in it
Jealousy and malevolence are the plants they breed

I can see them behind my back
Building a conspiracy to throw me down
And when I get upset about it
They ask me what’s in it to frown

They want to rope me from head to toe
And throw me in the river to drown
They all carry the knife to stab
To kill me and steal my invisible crown

Night and day, and day and night
I live the same life in a vicious circle
Every moment trying to fight my way
Which has been bestowed with a million hurdle

These voices in my head never die
Talking of the monsters all the time
They have turned me a patient of insomnia
This life doesn’t seems worth a dime

I can’t face this world alone and these voices
Have itself become the monster I want to avoid
And so the only way out is to sleep forever
It’s better than being called a paranoid


Gaurav Gupta
Dec 2018